Student Experience

We have roughly 40 BLA students and 80 MLA students in our program. Our students learn the technical skills (like drainage and digital graphics) and contextual background (history and theory) necessary to become as landscape architects. They bring these together in practice-focused studios, capstones, internships, and independent research. These projects allow our students to apply the knowledge they gain and to guide their learning experience.

The stories below highlight some of the incredible opportunities our students have participated in and created for themselves.


Auburn Alleyway Activation: MLA Project

What happens when you turn an uninviting alleyway lined with dumpsters over to UW Landscape Architecture students? They produce a design that allows for sitting, eating, and gathering while adding green space and improved stormwater runoff. The city of Auburn, Washington discovered these possibilities for such a space when three 2018 MLA graduates (Allison Ong,…

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Pollinator Network: MLA Capstone

Yuchia Jan received his Master of Landscape Architecture in 2018. For his capstone project, he created a concept design to explore networks of pollinators including Monarch butterflies and Rufous hummingbirds in South Seattle and along Chief Sealth Trail. Yuchia’s capstone project was covered on Rethinking the Future, a website that highlights architecture and design that…

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BLA student on her experience transferring to UW

BLA student Jessica Chandler answered some questions about her experience as a transfer student in the Landscape Architecture program for the Fall 2017 Transfer Newsletter. Name: Jessica Chandler Major/Year: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) ‘19 Previous Institution: Shoreline Community College Year and Quarter Transferred: Summer 2016 ABOUT ME: My name is Jessica Chandler. I am non-traditional student who spent my…

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MLA Students Participate in Architecture Summer Design-Build

Two L Arch students (Nina Mross and Jiyoung Park) took part in this summer design/build project addressing food prep in Seattle’s homeless communities. Food and the ability to prepare it are fundamental components of life. Places of food preparation–whether a home kitchen or a fire pit–serve not only their most explicit functions but also act…

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Garden Cities: An MLA Student’s Experience

David de la Cruz is from South Central Los Angeles. His experience growing up in this neighborhood – pollution, poverty, cultivation of local foods, and community – inspired him on a path that led to a Master of Landscape Architecture. During his time at UW, David found a home in the Informal Urban Communities Initiative,…

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Building a Healing Garden: BLA Design-Build 2016

In winter and spring quarters of 2016, students from the University of Washington Department of Landscape Architecture designed and built a therapeutic garden for the Puget Sound Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in Seattle. Prof. Daniel Winterbottom guided the students through this design/build capstone project. The Garden of Earth and Sky opened in June 2016. Located in…

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